The Six Hundred Club

October 30, 2019

We now have six Hexavin members!

Michael J. Mangahas was the first with 622 grapes. Dan Traucki followed with 603.

And this month, we added four more: Thomas J. Reagan, Jr. at 666, and Jim Breed, Patricia Faust Breed, and Tim Faust at 601.

Yes, just in time for Halloween, Tom has drunk the number of the beast! However, I’m not sure if Patricia and Tim have sold their souls to the devil!

Jim Breed, Patricia Faust Breed and Tim Faust toasting their 600th grape variety.

What do you think?


  1. Wow – 200 is hard enough, but just the effort in finding 400 more makes my mind boggle!

    That is one damn fine effort.

  2. Sweet. We are on our way to 500. We have 326 varietals identified on our “go find” list. Here is one varietal for everyone to go find and try, “Katsano”. Only one winery in the world makes this wine.

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