The Wine Millenary Club?

November 25, 2022
The Wine Century Club Certificate for Marc Braes 1111 Grape Varieties

Marc Braes has now won the Le Grand Prix du CĂ©page 3 years in a row and is currently on 1,111 grape varieties. He is also the only Millenary Member (members who have tasted at least one thousand grape varieties).

Please take a moment to clap 1,111 times for Marc!

What do you think?


  1. Congrats Marc. Actually my wife and I, sit at 1032 and counting 🙂 We have submitted our count to be officially recognized as such 🙂

  2. Wow, this is impressive! Congratulations!

    Is it this many without any of the synonyms?

  3. Hello Barbara Houston,in answering your comment from March 12.
    they are indeed different varieties. The list normally contains no synonyms. Each variety appears only once. Mistakes are possible, however. At the moment I am checking the entire list to select the monocépage, to state the percentage of the various varieties, etc.
    For example, the Wine Century club allows you to tick the different grape varieties in your list for a wine such as the Chateauneuf du Pape. Traditionally, 13 grape varieties are allowed (8 blue and 5 white). Today, mainly grenache, cinsault, mourvèdre, syrah, muscardin, counoise, clairette and bourboulenc are used. The other grape varieties are vaccarèse, terret noir, roussanne, picpoul and picardan.
    The Boisrenard wine from the domaine Beaurenard is an exceptional blend of ALL THESE varieties. (And then also a very nice wine!!)
    For example, I mentioned the Brun Argenté (= Vaccarèse), the Counoise and the Muscardin grape in my list after drinking this wine.
    I drank the rest as monocépage or in another blend.
    For another wine like the “Cento Uve” from Giribaldi in which according to the count of ( ) 138 different grape varieties were blended, I started looking for monocĂ©page wines of the mentioned varieties or other blends (with a higher percentage of the respective variety).
    One hundred and twenty-seven I have found, drunk or tasted.
    are missing: the Catarrato Nero, the Bianchetta Veronese and the Corarea.
    This way you have an impression of how I work.

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