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The Wine Millenary Club?

The Wine Century Club Certificate for Marc Braes 1111 Grape Varieties

Marc Braes has now won the Le Grand Prix du Cépage 3 years in a row and is currently on 1,111 grape varieties. He is also the only Millenary Member (members who have tasted at least one thousand grape varieties).

Please take a moment to clap 1,111 times for Marc!

The Hunt for the Holy Grail

2017 Poliphonia Pheasants Tears a 417 Georgian varietal field blend

by Chris Hamm

2017 Poliphonia Pheasants Tears

All Wine Century Clubbers are always on the hunt for new unique grape varietals. Especially on the hunt for a multi unique varietal blend. Historically in the Wine Century Club “the White Whale”, was Cento Uve, from Mario Giribaldi Vineyards in Tuscany, with a purported 152 unique wine varietals. My wife and I got a couple of bottles of that wine 2 years ago, when we vacationed in Scotland and England. In advance of that trip I had called the Mario Giribaldi Winery in Tuscany directly, to place an order for a couple of bottles of Cento Uve, and arranged to have them shipped to our hotel in London.  We brought the wine back to the U.S. when we left London, in July 2018.

One “White Whale” vanquished. Next to look for something a bit bigger.

In early 2019 a Wine making friend in Oregon was watching a show on Hulu last year called “The Wine Show”, a United Kingdom based show, that explores Wine, and Winemaking. In season 2, episode 3 the show visits Pheasants Tears Winery in Khakheti, Georgia.  Here’s the back story. A few years ago, the Georgian national government took over a project to preserve locals strains and unique native Georgia in a “host” Vineyard. John Wurdeman, co-owner of Pheasants Tears agreed to do so. 500+ varietals were planted on his Estate Vineyard in Khakheti.  After nurturing the multitude of new Vines for a few years, Wurdeman, in conjunction with his Winemaker decided to do a 417 varietal field blend. At harvest time, the field erupts in a “rainbow” of color, with red, pink, gray, yellow and green grapes. The grapes are harvested in four sweeps across the Vineyard to pick the grapes at the respective peak of their ripening.  All the grapes are combined in a Qvevri, a huge Clay winemaking container lined with BeesWax, fermented and buried in the ground. The Wine is left on the skins for a couple of years, then bottled.

The Wine name Poliphony means “multiplicity of sounds” in the Greek language.

This “Wine show” episode addresses Georgian Winemaking, Pheasants Tears Winery, and in particular, the 417 varietal Wine, “Poliphony”.

The hunt was on for Poliphony.  A trip to Wine Searcher yielded a couple of answers. One Wine shop in Tblisi. One in London. One in New Zealand. One in Australia. None in the U.S.  Note, here is the best part about the Wine. It costs around $26 U.S. dollars. Since I live in the U.S. I had to find a way to travel to a location selling the Wine, or make arrangements with a friend or family member to traveling to London.  I contacted the Wine shop in London and confirmed they would ship to a Hotel in London for me.  Next I contacted two family members who had planned business trips to London in early 2020.  I started to make arrangements to purchase the Wine and have it shipped to their planned Hotel in London.  Then of course, Covid 19 entered the equation. All International travel squashed.

Plan B.  No solution on Wine Searcher.  I had heard about a Blog/website called 1000Corks, which had a proprietary search logic to track down rare Wines. I visited the website and typed in Pheasants Tears Poliphony.  Guess what? I found a Brooklyn shop that had 1 bottle left. I purchased it and had it shipped across the Country.  Next how to quantify/document all of the varietals.  There are a few web based articles that cover the Wine and the Winery. I gleaned some information from these. I contacted the Winery directly, and opened a dialogue. I got a little information but could only learn about 25 – 30 varietals incluced directly. Exhausting all other sources, I went to the VIVC international database, and got a listing of all documented Georgian Varietals.  There are 550 in this database.  All with a varietal number based upon, when it was verified and documented. The lower the number, means the varietal has been documented a long time. The higher the number means the varietal was documented and confirmed more recently.

I sorted the list in numerical order.  I eliminated varietals that looked to be clones or, had no grape type documented, ie, Red or White, Rouge or Blanc, etc. I also eliminated any varietals that were just listed with a number.  I was left with about 500 entries. Then I picked the remaining 390 or so varietals, I had not yet been able to document as being included in the Poliphony blend.

We had a social distancing Wine tasting party in July. Georgian wines only, and Georgian food only. Poliphony is unusual for sure. A bit sour. Pink to Strawberry in color. A broad range of flavors, that changes every few minutes you let it remain in the glass. Enjoyable, especially when it’s chilled a bit. A once in a lifetime type of Wine.

Good luck finding one.

The Six Hundred Club

We now have six Hexavin members!

Michael J. Mangahas was the first with 622 grapes. Dan Traucki followed with 603.

And this month, we added four more: Thomas J. Reagan, Jr. at 666, and Jim Breed, Patricia Faust Breed, and Tim Faust at 601.

Yes, just in time for Halloween, Tom has drunk the number of the beast! However, I’m not sure if Patricia and Tim have sold their souls to the devil!

Jim Breed, Patricia Faust Breed and Tim Faust toasting their 600th grape variety.

Certificates on the way


If you’ve been waiting a little long for your certificate, please rest assured that they are currently being fined, filtered and finished and will be sent December 1st.

Thank you for you patience. We will mail no certificate before it’s time. . .

6th Anniversary – Global Tasting Challenge

We’re now 1,023 members strong and growing! Included in this number are 30 Doppel Members, seven Treble Members and three Quattro Members.

Our annual celebration and challenge is once again online in recognition of the international nature of the club, but this year is going to be somewhat different. Last year we collectively tasted 314 different grape varieties, crushing the previous year’s 157 and a very impressive sum (but still short of the three Quattro Member’s lifetime grape lists!).

This year, we’re going to see how many different wine regions we can collectively taste in one day. In a way it is both easier – Bulgarian Cabernet and Chilean Merlot will both count – and more difficult as exotic 100 grape Italian wines, Portuguese cepage-monsters other mega blends like Châteauneuf-du-Pape will only count once.

Wherever you may be, please raise a glass of the most obscure wine* you can find on May 26th in honor of the club and the glory that is you. And if at all possible please post a short note about the wine you had on the Wine Century Club Site. The note can be as simple as the name of the wine and where it came from.

Hope to see you online on May 26th!

Veni, Vino, Vici!


*Only grape wines please (meadsters!) and even the smallest of subregions will count. For example, Gevrey-Chambertin will be counted separately from Gevrey-Chambertin premier cru La Perrière and Côtes du Rhône will be counted separately from Côtes du Rhône Villages Cairanne. And that’s just France. There are over 300 different wine regions in the US alone!

Le Grand Prix du Cépage

We’re currently 779 members strong, with 28 doppel members, 5 treble members and one quattro member. While membership is increasing dramatically, more and more members are continuing their quest to Doppel levels and beyond.

To honor this sense of adventure and crazed obsessiveness, I am announcing a contest and award for the most grape varieties tasted by any one member: Le Grand Prix du Cépage!

Entries are due November 12, 2010 5PM EST and the winner will be announced on November 15th.

A big help in the quest for Doppel+ membership is the expanded application and database developed by Dr. Thomas Mercer-Hursh. You can find both on his site, A Muse in the Cellar.

Our 5th Birthday – Events Around the World

Washington DC

Our event went really well this weekend- there were 52 people and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Wines Tasted:

Vilarnau Cava Brut NV, (Penedes, Spain) [Macabeo, Xarello, Parellada]
Gran Sarao Cava Rose NV (Penedes, Spain) [Trepat]
Conde Villar Vinho Verde Branco Seco 2008 (Minho, Portugal) [Loureiro, Trajadura]
Quinta do Crasto Douro 2007 (Douro, Portugal) [Gouveio, Roupeiro, Cercial, Rabigato]
Txomin Etxaniz, Getariako Txakolina 2009 (Basque Region, Spain) [Hondarrabi Zuri]
Colli di Lapio di Romano Clelia Fiano Di Avellino 2009 (Campania, Italy) [Fiano Di Avellino]
Benito Ferrara Greco Di Tufo 2008 (Campania, Italy) [Greco Bianco]
Palazonne Terre Vineate Orvieto Superiore 2009 (Umbria, Italy) [Grechetto, Procanico]
Gini Soave Classico 2008 (Veneto, Italy) [Garganega]
Huber Zweigelt 2007 (Traisental, Austria) [Zweigelt]
Zantho St. Laurent 2006 (Burgenland, Austria) [St. Laurent]
De Angelis Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio Rosso 2008 (Campania, Italy) [Piedirosso]
El Castro de Valutille Mencia Joven 2007 (Bierzo, Spain) [Mencia]
Cavallotto Freisa Bricco Boschis 2006 (Langhe, Piedmont, Italy) [Freisa]
La Colombaia Valpolicella Ripasso 2007 (Veneto, Italy) [Corvina, Rondinella]
Cantina Anotonia Caggiano Irpinia Aglianico “Tari” 2007 (Campania, Italy) [Aglianico]
Summers Winery, Villa Andriana Vineyard Charbono 2005, (Napa Valley, Calistoga, CA) [Charbono]
Warre’s White Port NV (Pinhao, Douro, Portugal) [Arinto, Codega]

New York

Seated: Greg dal Piaz From Left standing: Greg Kozar, Peter Conway, Steve Raye, Constance Chamberlain, Karen Page, Andrew Dornenburg and Tony Fletcher.
Not pictured: Anatoli Levine

Here are the grapes we tasted:

Narince, Kalecik Karasi, Zierfandler, Dolomiti, Osalecta, Muller-Thurgau, Riesling, Silvaner, Kerner, Plousard, Romorath, Faire Sevedou, Moscofilero, Assyrtiko, Aidani, Agiorgitiko, St Laurent, 3 different types of muscat, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Touriga, Pinot Noir and Viognier, and a port (we don’t know how many grapes!)

That’s at least 30 for us! : )
-Constance Chamberlain

Also, check out Tony Fletcher’s excellent post on the event:

Grape Wines (not your usual suspects)


Paula Sindberg and our sole Quattro member, Tom Reagan Jr.

Paula Sindberg’s Weird & Wonderful Tasting was great fun – Paula usually scores with the goods and this was no exception. It was also a special treat that Tom Reagan, our current grape champ with 426 varieties, came to the event from Atlanta with a couple of very interesting wines.

There were lots of obscure grapes, but the two that stood out for me were the Jacky Preys 2007 Cuvée de Fié Gris Vielles Vignes “Terroir Pierre à Fusil” Touraine (white grape variety: Fié Gris) and the Lorenzo 2005 “Vigna Paradiso” Lacrima di Moro d’Alba (red grape variety: Lacrima). Not only were they new grapes for me, they were deliciously interesting wines. The Fié Gris was vaguely reminiscent of Loire Sauvignon Blanc, but with gun flint and nettles. The Lacrima di Moro was a big red powerful red, very aromatic and herbal – almost like vermouth/Campari – very unique and charismatic. Interestingly enough, several tastings throughout the world had Lacrimas – I could be the next must try red from Italy, a little like Sagrantino.

Here’s a list of all of the wines that we tasted:

Le Petite Chambord 200 Cour-Cheverny (white variety: Romorantin)
Ameztoi 2009 Txakolina de Getaria (white variety: Hondarribi Zuri and a little red Hondarribi Beltz even though the wine was white)
Chateau de la Mirande 2008 Picpoul de Pinet (white variety: Picpoul)
Ciu’ Ciu’ 2008 Offica Pecorino “Le Merlettaie” (white variety: Pecorino)
Cantina Valle Isarco 2006 Sudtirol Kerner (white variety: Kerner)
Domaine Jacky Preys 2007 Cuvée de Fié Gris Vielles Vignes “Terroir Pierre à Fusil” Touraine (white grape variety: Fié Gris)
Domaine Berthoumieu 2008 Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh Sec Vieilles Vignes (white grape varieties: Gros Manseng, Courbo & Petit Manseng)
Afros 2008 Vinhão Vinho Verde Tinto (red grape variety: Vinhão)
Cos 2008 Frappato (red grape variety: Frappato)
Orovela 2004 Saperavi Rouge Georgia (red grape variety: Saperavi)
Les Cretes 2006 Torrette (red grape varieties: Petit Rouge, Mayolet, Tinturier and Cornalin)
Tiger Mountain 2006 TNT Georgia USA (red grape varieties: Touriga Nacional & Tannat)
Fattoria San Lorenzo 2005 “Vigna Paradiso” Lacrima di Moro d’Alba (red grape variety: Lacrima)
Clos Lapeyre La Magendia de Lapeyre (white grape variety: Petit Manseng)

Hong Kong

We were about 30 people, all very very much like the concept. We held the event in a wine bar called tastings ( which is a special place in that it prominently features enomatic machines and have 40 labels on offer at anyone time. We charged hkd 250 to each participant and this included a hkd 200 sampler card as well as some snacks. We had 3 distributors sponsor some wines and some participants were so eager that they also brought some unusual wines to taste. We plan to hold even every second month and most likely tastings will be the place to meet. our goal is to be informal and casual and offer anyone a chance to learn and go off the beaten path. We will emphasise grapes but also wines from unusual regions like China, Thailand, India, and the like. In the evening, we confirmed the following members:

Nellie Lee (co-founder)
Ron Taylor
Ian Symonds
Agata Meuti
Paolo Fassina

with myself, it means the we are now 6 members in hong kong!

JC Viens

Here is a list of wines tasted:

France Loire 2007 Laporte Pouilly Fume Les Duchesses Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand Marlborough 2008 Fromm La Strada Sauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc
Italy Venezia 2006 Jermann Pinot GrigioPinot Gris
France Loire 2008 Lune D’ AnjouChenin Blanc
USA Shanxi 2008 Grace Vineyard SymphonyMuscat
Australia Clare Valley 2009 Crabtree Hilltop RieslingRiesling
France Alsace 2004 Willy Gisselbrecht GewurtztraminerGewurtztraminer
France Burgundy 2005 Domaine Bouchard Puligny MontrachetChardonnay
Thailand Monsoon ValleyMalaga Blanc, Colombard
USA Santa Barbara Cambria TepusquetViognier
France Côtes Du Rhône Guigal Crôzes-Hermitage BlancMarsanne, Roussanne
Lebanon Bekaa Valley Chateau Ksara ChardonnayChardonnay
Italy Toscana Guicciardini Strozzi Vernaccia Di San GiminianoVernaccia
Italy Friuli Movia Ribolla 2006Ribolla Gialla
France Burgundy 2007 Nicholas Potel Vosne Romanee Vielles VignesPinot Noir
France Burgundy 2006 Michel Magnien Gevrey Chambertin Aux EchezeauxPinot Noir
Australia Mornington 2007 Ten Minutes By Tractor 10X Pinot NoirPinot Noir
USA Santa Rosa 2007 Siduri Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot NoirPinot Noir
USA Oregon 2007 Soter North Valley Pinot NoirPinot Noir
France Rhone 2006 Perrin & Fils Gigondas Le GilleGrenache, Syrah
France Rhone 2001 Pierre Usseglio Chateauneaf Du PapeGrenache, Syrah, Mourvedre
France Rhone 2006 Michel Ogier Cote RotieSyrah, Viognier
Australia Clare Valley 2004 Pauletts Andreas ShirazSyrah
Australia Adelaide Hills 2005 Chain Of Ponds The Ledge ShirazSyrah
South Africa Paarl 2004 The Foundry ShirazSyrah
Argentina Mendoza 2006 Finca Flichman Paisaje De TupungatoMalbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Spain Utiel Requena 2005 Aranleon SoloBobal, Tempranillo, Syrah
Chile Cachapoal Valley 2006 Santa Ema Amplus OneCarmenère, Syrah, Carignan
Portugal Alentejo 2004 Callabriga ReservaTinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro, Alicante Bouschet
Lebanon Bekaa Valley 2001 Chateau MusarCabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Cinsault
Italy Tuscany 2006 Ferruggini Bolgheri RossoSangiovese
Italy Umbria 2005 Lamborghini CampoleoneSangiovese, Merlot
Italy Piedmont 2000 Gianfranco Alessandria BaroloNebbiolo
USA Napa 2007 Napa Cellar MerlotMerlot
Australia Adelaide Hills 2002 Uleybury AP Reserve MerlotMerlot
Australia Barossa 2004 David Franz Georgie’s Walk Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon
USA Napa 2005 Krupp Brothers Veraison Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvigon, Merlot, Malbec
USA Napa 2005 Fisher Coach Insignia Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon
Australia Barossa 1997 Penfolds Grange ShirazShiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon
USA Napa 2005 Opus OneCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
USA Napa 2000 Caymus Special Selection Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon
France Pauillac 2004 Haut Bages LiberalCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot
France Margaux 2003 Chateau LascombesMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot
France St Emilion 1997 Chateau Pavie MacquinMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
France St Emilion 2002 Chateau PavieMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
France Pauillac 1995 Chateau Mouton RothschildCab Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot
USA Napa Valley La Jota Howell Mountain Cabernet FrancCabernet Franc
Italy Umbria Lungarotti Rubesco Rosso Di TorgianoSangiovese, Canaiolo
USA California Edmeades Mendocino ZinfandelZinfandel
Italy Piedmont Michele Chiarlo BarbarescoNebbiolo
Lebanon Bekaa Valley Chateau Ksara Le SouverainCabernet Sauvignon, Arinarnoa
Lebanon Bekaa Valley Chateau Ksara Cuvée Du 3e MillenairePetit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah
Lebanon Bekaa Valley Chateau Ksara 2004Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot
Italy Emilia Romagna Macchiona IGTBarbera, Bonarda
Italy Piedmonte Icardi Suri Vigin BrachettoBrachetto D’Acqui
Italy Toscana Titolato Morellino Di Scansano DOCSangiovese, Ciliegiolo
Italy Marches La Crima Di Morro D’Al ba Selection RubjianoLacrima Di Morro

Redwood City, CA (SF Bay Area)

Last night, we toasted the Century Club at Savvy Cellar Wine Shop and Wine Bar in Redwood City, California. We tasted 3 different wines: a Bugianen Freisa d’Asti from Domenico Capello, a Castello di Verduno Pelaverga, and a Blaufrankisch, whose producer escapes me. I thought the Freisa might be tasted by someone else, but I was pretty sure the Pelaverga would not be on your list – amazingly, I guess someone tasted it last night. As of right now, a brief look through the list doesn’t reveal that anyone tried a Blaufrankisch, so maybe that’s our winning contribution!

-Marni Rubin

Hendersonville, NC

The French Broad Chapter in Hendersonville enjoyed the following on The Anniversary.Trebbiano de Lugana, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zin. Barbera, Petite Sirah, Alicante Bouchet, Falanghina, Chenin Blanc, Sauv. Blanc, Viognier, Marsanne, Malvasia Bianca, Orange Muscat, Muscat Canelli, Vignoles, Chessalas.

Keith Dalbec

Milton, DE


-Bernie Knowllinger

Aiken, SC

The Aiken, SC Wrath of Grapes chapter of the Wine Century Club had an impromptu meeting of four members. The evening started with Ironstone Vineyards SYMPHONY 2005 paired with pimento cheese spread. The next course was bacon-wrapped shrimp, accompained by Perrier Jouet NV Brut (assumed to be PINOT NOIR & CHARDONNAY with other grapes in too small a percentage to take credit for). The meal of pork loin medallions in mushroom sauce was paired with Picchetti TEROLDEGO 2007 and Linne Calodo “Cherry Red” 2007 (ZINFANDEL, MOURVEDRE, SYRAH). Dessert was fresh Aiken county strawberries, lightly marinated in Brachetto D’Acqui, accompanied by (of course) Pineto BRACHETTO D’ACQUI DOCG 2007. Dishwashing was made more pleasant with a half bottle of Quady Elysium 2007 (BLACK MUSCAT).

Cheers and Happy Birthday!

Columbus, OH

Happy 5th… here are some more varietals… not adding the ones already reported… Bukettraube (South Africa), Roscetto (Italy – even though the bottle turned out to be corked!), Tocai Friulano, Verdicchio, Traminette… but wait a minute… didn’t anyone have Lambrusco & Champagne( Pinot Meunier) to celebrate the Anniversary?

314 Grape Varieties in a Day

It’s amazing that we nearly doubled last year’s formidable number of grapes. It’s high time to sit back, take a much needed rest and wallow in the glory that is us.

Here’s the summary in alphabetical order. I’ve pruned as many synonyms out as possible but there may be a few remaining. Some of the varieties listed are probably clones instead of distinct varieties, especially from the 152 grape wine, and will require a closer look. Even so, I think we’ve easily jogged past the 300 grape marker.

Veni Vino Vici!!!

AlbarolaGarganegaPignola Nera
AleaticoGewürztraminerPinot bianco
AlfrocheiroGodello (syn: Gouveio)Pinot Gris (syn: Pinot Grigio)
AlicanteGracianoPinot Noir
Alicante BouschetGrechettoPinotage
AligoteGreco BiancoPlousard
Alphonse LavalleeGrenachePollera 1
AncellottaGrenache BlancPortugieser
AramonGrilloPrieto Picudo
ArintoGros Manseng (syn: Izkiriota)Prosecco
ArneisGrüener VeltlinerPugnitello
ArrufiacHondarribi BeltzaQuagliano
AspiranHondarribi ZuriRabigato
AthiriHondarribi Zuri ZerratiaRaboso Veronese
AubunIncrocio ManzoniRebo Nero
AvanàItaliaRefosco da Peduncolo Rosso
BacchusKalecik KarasiRibolla Gialla
Baco NoirKernerRiesling
BarberaKing of the NorthRiesling italico (syn: Welschriesling)
Barbera biancaKiralyleanykaRiesling Renano
Bianchetta TevigianoLacrima Di MorroRomorantin
Bianchetta VeroneseLambrusca di AlessandriaRondinella
Black MonukkaLambrusco MaestriRoobernet
BlaufrankischLladonner pellutRoscetto
BobalLumassinaRossese bianco
Bombino BiancoMacabeo (syn: Viura)Roter Veltliner
Bombino NeroMaiolicaRoupeiro
BonardaMalaga BlancRoussanne
Bosco NeroMalbecRoussette du Bugey
BourboulencMalvasia Bianca (syn: Malmsey)Rubiana
Brachetto D’AcquiMalvasia di CasorzoRuché
BrocciolaMalvasia di SchieranoSangiovese
BrunelloMalvasia IstrianaSaperavi
BudeshuriMalvasia nera lungaSauvignon Blanc
BukettraubeManzoni biancoSavagnin (from Klevener de Heiligenstein)
Cab SauvignonMarzeminoSchiava
Cabernet FrancMauzacSchiava Gentile
Cabernet PfefferMayoletSchiava grossa
Carica l’AsinoMichele PagliariSereksiya
CarignanMollardSeyval Blanc
CastelaoMorrastel BouschetSouzo
CatarataMoscato biancoSt. Laurent
Cataratto comuneMoscato gialloSusumaniello
CatarratoMoscato nero di AcquiSylvaner Verde
CatwabaMoscato RosaSymphony
Cayuga WhiteMoschofileroSyrah
ChardonelMune Mahatsa (syn: Folle Blanche)Teroldego
ChardonnayMuscat BlancTerret Gris
ChatusMuscat CanelliTerret Noir
Chenin BlancMuscat de Hambourg (Black Muscat)Timorasso
ChessalasNarinceTinta Barroca
CiliegioloNascettaTinta Negra Mole
CinsaultNebbioloTinto Cão
CjanòrieNebbiolo ( Bolla)Tinturier
ClairetteNebbiolo ( Rosè)Tocai Rosso
Coda di VolpeNebbiolo (Lampia)Torbato
ColombardNebbiolo (Michet)Torrontez
Colorino NeroNegrette (syn: Negretto)Touriga Franca
Cormalim 1NegroamoroTouriga Nacional
CornalinNerello MascaleseTrajadura
CornareaNeretta CineseTraminette
CorteseNeretta cuneeseTrebbiano de Lugana
CorvinaNeretto di BairoTrebbiano Toscano
CourbuNero BuonoTrepat
CroatinaNero d’AlaTxori Mahatsa
CrovassaNero D’AvolaUva di Troia
DolcettoNeyretUva rara
Doux d’HenryOrange MuscatVarousset
DurasaOsalectaVeltlimer Fruhrot
Durasca (Dolcetto di Boca)OseletaVerdejo
ErbalucePampanutoVerduzzo Trevigiano
Fer ServadouPedro XiménezVespolina
Feteasca NeagraPelavergaVignoles
FianoPelaverga (di Pagno)Vinhão
Fié GrisPeleverga piccoloViognier
FranconiaPetit ArvineVranac
FrappatoPetit BouschetXarello
FreisaPetit CourbouZierfandler
Friesa di ChieriPetit Manseng (syn: Izkiriota Ttippia)Zinfandel
Friesa di NizzaPetit RougeZweigelt
FriulanoPetit Verdot

Great Wine Dinners in New York City

Members Michael Gitter and Ben Schmerler have helped organize three amazing dinners at three of the world’s greatest restaurants for California Wine Month.  These are not Wine Century Club events but if you’re in New York City Sept. 15th, they’re definitely worth attending.


California Wine Dinners at Union Square Hospitality Group Restaurants in NYC

Join representatives from eight different California wine regions on the evening of Tuesday, September 15th in New York City for one of these exciting wine dinners, all held at highly-regarded Danny Meyer restaurants. Learn about regions you know and love—as well as winegrowing areas that may be new to you. Enjoy great California wines paired with phenomenal food and hear from the vintners themselves. Reserve now, as these intimate dinners will sell out fast.

The Modern
Tuesday, September 15, 7:00 PM
The wines of Napa Valley, Mendocino, Amador County, and Lodi
Four courses (including a California cheese course)
Nine wines
$150 per person (not including tax and tip)
Address: The Museum of Modern Art, 9 West 53rd Street (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.) NYC
Reservations: Call 212-408-6645

Eleven Madison Park
Tuesday, September 15, 7:00 PM
The wines of Sonoma County and Santa Barbara
Three courses (including a California cheese course)
Eight wines
$130 per person (not including tax and tip)
Address: 11 Madison Ave. (at 24th St.) NYC
Reservations: Call 646-747-2583

Tuesday, September 15, 7:30 PM
The wines of Paso Robles and Monterey
Three courses (including a California cheese course)
Eight wines
$110 per person (not including tax and tip)
Address: 11 Madison Ave. (at 25th St.) NYC
Reservations: Call 212-889-0667

4th Birthday International Tasting Extravaganza

Running Grape Variety Count (tasted today by members worldwide):


Varieties tasted so far (in order of appearance):

  1. Viura (synonym: Macabeo)
  2. Malvasia (synonym: Malvasia Fina)
  3. Grenache Blanc
  4. Chambourcin
  5. Tinta Roriz (synonym: Tempranillo)
  6. Touriga Franca
  7. Touriga Nacional
  8. Malvasia Istria
  9. Refosk (synonyms: Terlano, Teran)
  10. Cabernet Sauvignon
  11. Merlot 10:40 AM EST
  12. Coda di Volpe
  13. Regent
  14. Negroamaro
  15. Primitivo (synonym: Zinfandel)
  16. Freisa
  17. Feteasca
  18. Babich
  19. Lasin
  20. Plavina
  21. Codega
  22. Rabigato
  23. Donzelinno
  24. Viosinho
  25. Arinto
  26. Falanghina
  27. Vermentino di Sardegna
  28. Trebbiano
  29. Grechetto
  30. Montepulciano
  31. Cannonau di Sardegna (synonyms: Grenache, Garnacha)
  32. Nero d’Avola
  33. Sagrantino
  34. Incrocio Manzoni
  35. Susumaniello
  36. Riesling
  37. Sauvignon Blanc 2:23 PM EST
  38. Grignolino
  39. Malbec
  40. Norton
  41. Syrah
  42. Verdelho
  43. Chenin Blanc
  44. Tinta Cao
  45. Tinta Amarella
  46. Petit Verdot
  47. Petite Sirah
  48. Gwass
  49. Resi
  50. Himbertscha
  51. Humagne Blanche
  52. Amigne de Vetroz
  53. Lafnetscha
  54. Petite Arvine
  55. Heida
  56. Eyholzer Roter
  57. Humagne Rouge
  58. Gamaret
  59. Cornalin
  60. Koshu
  61. Picpoul (syn: Folle Blanche)
  62. Prosecco
  63. Tocai Friulano
  64. Verdicchia Nera
  65. Moscato
  66. Nebbiolo
  67. Treixadura (syn: Trajadura)
  68. Godello
  69. Loureira (syn: Loureiro)
  70. St. Laurent
  71. Cinsault
  72. Viognier
  73. Negrette
  74. Gruener Veltliner
  75. Vidal Blanc
  76. Assyrtiko
  77. Garganega
  78. Rousanne
  79. Marsanne
  80. Pinotage
  81. Albarino
  82. Pinot Noir 7:56 PM EST
  83. Müller-Thurgau
  84. Feteasca Regala
  85. Dragon Eye (aka Longyan, a native Chinese varietal)
  86. White Feather (aka Baiyu, aka Rkatsiteli)
  87. Vignoles
  88. Muscat Canelli
  89. Chardonnay 9:22 PM EST
  90. Gamay
  91. Mourvedre
  92. Cabernet Franc
  93. Aglianico
  94. Pinot Meunier
  95. Carignane (syn: Carignan)
  96. Prieto Picudo
  97. Vilana
  98. Graciano DING DING DING DING!!!!!! Lori puts us over the top at 10:35 PM EST
  99. Mazuelo
  100. Arinto
  101. Moschofilero
  102. Harslevelu
  103. Kekfrankos (syn: Blaufrankisch)
  104. Corvina
  105. Covinone
  106. Tinta Negra Mole
  107. Bukettraube
  108. Semillon
  109. Muscadelle
  110. Grapello
  111. Marzemino
  112. Barbera
  113. Procanico
  114. Trincadeira
  115. Aragones
  116. Souzo
  117. Alicante Bouschet
  118. Pinot Gris
  119. Airen
  120. Palomino
  121. Pedro Ximenez
  122. Mavrodaphne
  123. Xynomavro,
  124. Agiorgitiko,
  125. Carmenere
  126. Tannat
  127. Pecorino
  128. Rondinella
  129. Molinara
  130. Marselan
  131. Auxerrois (the white one and not a synonym for Malbec)
  132. Gaglioppo
  133. Bosco
  134. Albarola
  135. Parellada
  136. Xarel-lo
  137. Lagrein
  138. Traminette
  139. Edelweiss
  140. Vespolina
  141. Dornfelder
  142. Neuberger
  143. Bastardo
  144. Mencia
  145. Zammarica
  146. Verdello Tinta
  147. Serodio Tinta
  148. Welschriesling
  149. Romorantin
  150. Obaideh
  151. St. Pepin
  152. Insolia
  153. Teroldego
  154. Torrontés
  155. Symphony
  156. Sangiovese
  157. Savagnin
  158. Poulsard
  159. Trousseau

Ygay Gran Reserva Blanco 1998

Deborah and I have kicked off the our 4th Birthday today in London with a 1998 Marques de Murrieta YGAY Rioja Gran Reserva Blanco, a traditionally styled white Rioja. A slightly sherryfied, golden-hued, nutty, complex and delicious wine. It also scored us 3 grape varieties: Viura (synonym: Macabeo) 90%, Malvasia (synonym: Malvasia Fina) 5%, Grenache Blanc 5%.

This evening we’re going to join Paula Sindberg at her giant Swiss wine tasting. We’ll be toasting the anniversary there with Heida (Païen), Cornalin, Resi, Lafnetscha, Gamaret, and Gwäss (obscure Swiss grape varieties!).

Members please mention the wines(s) you’ve tasted today in the comments below. Don’t forget to list the grape varieties in each wine – no matter how small a percentage – so we can update the running total above.

The Wine Century Club Turns 4!

4th Birthday

We’re now 590 members strong and growing!

This year, instead of our annual shindig in New York City, we’re going to celebrate online in recognition of the international nature of the club (not to mention the massive global financial meltdown).

Wherever you may be, please raise a glass of something interesting and delicious on May 7th in honor of the club and the glory that is you.  Bask in grapeness, recite the sacred oath and if at all possible please post a short note about the wine you had here.  The note can be as simple as the name of the wine and its grape variety(ies).

It would be amazing if we could collectively taste 100 or more different grape varieties that day.  It would be more amazing if we could taste over 200 in honor of the newly minted Doppel Members.

If you happen to be in London, England on May 7th, please join me, Deborah De Long and Paula Sindberg at Paula’s giant Swiss wine tasting. We’ll be toasting the anniversary with Heida (Païen), Cornalin, Resi, Lafnetscha, Gamaret, and Gwäss(yes, these are grape varieties!).  To sign up, please contact Paula.

Swiss Wines – Grape Varieties You’ve NEVER Heard Of
Date – 7 May 2009 (Thursday)
Venue – Bacchus & Comus, 57 Pelham Street (private home), London SW7 2NJ
Time – 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Cost – £40/person – sorry but Swiss wines are expensive!

This tasting will feature 12 (!!) unique grape varieties that you’ve probably have never heard of so it’s a real opportunity to add to your grape variety “life list”.
All these wines are rare and seldom made anywhere, even in Switzerland. Most are from the Valais, that beautiful valley along which the Rhône River flows on the way from to Zermatt. The tiny producers here make some outstanding wines. The wines aren’t cheap but, then, what is in Switzerland. So to experience the pleasures of Heida (Païen), Cornalin, Resi, Lafnetscha, Gamaret, and Gwäss, among others, join us on 7 May. Book & pay in advance to secure your place.

Enter the Doppel Members


Ooooo, seeing double double, double vision
Ooooo, oh my double vision
Ooooo, double vision
Yeah-ah, I get double vision, ooooo . . .


In some members’ quest for grapeness, 100 varieties is just not enough.  There is  now a new level of recognition: Doppel Members.  For the non-Teutonic, doppel is German for double, so these members have tried at least 200 different grape varieties.  I hope this doesn’t discourage aspiring members on their quest for 100 but the wine geek species must evolve! Or at least mutate!


The idea to introduce this new level of membership was presented to me last year by member Nick Hendrix.  He sent  in the most extensively documented application in the history of The Wine Century Club.  He can rest assured that Bacchus will not curse his palate!  All hail Nick, the first officially recognized Doppel Member!


If you’ve tasted 200 grape varieties and would also like to be recognized as a Doppel Member, please send your updated list to An armed courier will be dispatched with your Doppel Certificate ASAP.

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