An Exaggeration

January 28, 2019

It has been a chaotic year, but The Wine Century Club is still going strong. Rumors of its demise are a gross exaggeration.

If you have not received your certificate or a reply to any concern, please contact me directly at

Thank you,

Steve De Long

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  1. Sounds good. I recruited some friends to submit their first milestone application of 100 varietals, and I submitted my application for the 400 varietal milestone.

  2. Steve My wife Claire and I have been in WWC since 2014 I have a 100 and 200 certificate and a PDF file of 300 which you E-mailed to me several years ago Without digging through old files I do not have the exact dates of the application submissions at this moment I known I have made 300 400 500 600 submission some time after 12/28/2017 when we finished 600 We finished 700 on 7/13/2019 but did not submit that one Figured WWC no-longer existed. We started our QUEST for 800 on 7/15/2019 We are currently are at 742 Have 8 “yet to try” new grapes/wines in my ‘CELLAR’ Just order more wines to get us 4 more new grapes E- mail me so we can figure out how to move forward on this matter THANKS JRC 3/4/2020

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