Enter the Doppel Members

March 31, 2009


Ooooo, seeing double double, double vision
Ooooo, oh my double vision
Ooooo, double vision
Yeah-ah, I get double vision, ooooo . . .


In some members’ quest for grapeness, 100 varieties is just not enough.  There is  now a new level of recognition: Doppel Members.  For the non-Teutonic, doppel is German for double, so these members have tried at least 200 different grape varieties.  I hope this doesn’t discourage aspiring members on their quest for 100 but the wine geek species must evolve! Or at least mutate!


The idea to introduce this new level of membership was presented to me last year by member Nick Hendrix.  He sent  in the most extensively documented application in the history of The Wine Century Club.  He can rest assured that Bacchus will not curse his palate!  All hail Nick, the first officially recognized Doppel Member!


If you’ve tasted 200 grape varieties and would also like to be recognized as a Doppel Member, please send your updated list to steve@winecentury.com. An armed courier will be dispatched with your Doppel Certificate ASAP.

1Late 70’s power-ballad hair band

What do you think?


  1. It sounds like a nice idea but I don’t know if it is possible! Unless you taste lots of lab crosses and hybrids!

  2. I think I’ll pass on the hybrids and stick with the vitis
    vinifera! Just had a Prieto Picudo yesterday (native Spanish grape)).
    It’s easier to find obscure grape varietals these days than
    it was a few years ago.

  3. Alas, I needed to suspend my trek to 200 while moving. At 180, I expect to finish and send in by end of summer.
    And I’m not afraid of hybrids, crosses or anything that will help increase good wine production (there are some hybrids that really should disappear – IMHO)

  4. The Aiken chapter has finished our first hundred. Is there a list of the second hundred?

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