First Local Chapter: Williamsburg, Virginia

February 14, 2006

The Wine Century Club of New York City is pleased to announce the formation of its first local chapter. The new chapter – WINE CELLAR 100 – is located in Williamsburg, VA and is sponsored by The Wine Seller in Monticello Marketplace.

Shown in the photograph are the first three members of the Williamsburg Chapter (from left, Bill Bean, VP, Heather Hatcher, President and Paul Luchsinger, Secretary). Luchsinger is shown holding a
large corkscrew made from an elk antler. β€œIt takes a big corkscrew to open all those bottles,” joked Luchsinger, who boasts a large collection of unique and antique corkscrews. Currently there are eight members in this chapter, with meetings held at The Wine Seller.

For further information regarding the Williamsburg Chapter of the Wine Century Club, contact chapter president Heather Hatcher at the Wine Seller in the Monticello Marketplace at 757.564.4400.

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