Certificates on the way

November 20, 2012


If you’ve been waiting a little long for your certificate, please rest assured that they are currently being fined, filtered and finished and will be sent December 1st.

Thank you for you patience. We will mail no certificate before it’s time. . .

What do you think?


  1. I did submit my application quite some time ago, but have heard nothing back, nor received anything in the mail. Could someone please contact me regarding this???

  2. See above comment from Joel B. Wine. We have been waiting for our certificates for a very long time. Could someone please contact me with an update?

    Thank You

  3. I suggest patience. It took 4 – 5 months after I submitted to get my certificate. If you have any odd, or obscure varietals, it takes a bit of time to do the research. In the mean time try more wines. I’m just about ready to submit, my request for 200 varietals tried.

  4. We thank you for sending us our Membership Certificates, they arrived yesterday, which was great as its was my wifes birthday & to day our wedding anniversary, two good reason to open a few bottles with grapes not tried before, going to be looking for another 50 new ones to bring us up to 500. Having taken early retierment we are really enjoying our new found hobby, not only tracking down the wines to try, but also finding out about the history of the grapes etc, we are not doing too bad for two old ones.
    M&N London

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