Another Reason to Wear Your Official Tastevin

September 3, 2009

Fellow Centurian Hardy Wallace wore his OFFICIAL WINE CENTURY CLUB TASTEVIN in an video interview for a cushy marketing position at Murphy Goode Winery.  He got the job over 1,700 other applicants!  CONGRATULATIONS, HARDY!

He’s obviously a talented and funny guy, but we like to think that the talismanic properties of the tastevin propelled him to victory!

Remember, it can work the other way:  member Randy Boyles lost his OFFICIAL TASTEVIN last May.  Ten minutes later, he caught gingivitis from a chewable toothbrush purchased from a vending machine at Detroit Metro Airport.1 Don’t let this happen to you.
1This is a dramatization based on a true story. The names and facts have been changed to protect the innocent.

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