4th Birthday International Tasting Extravaganza

May 7, 2009

Running Grape Variety Count (tasted today by members worldwide):


Varieties tasted so far (in order of appearance):

  1. Viura (synonym: Macabeo)
  2. Malvasia (synonym: Malvasia Fina)
  3. Grenache Blanc
  4. Chambourcin
  5. Tinta Roriz (synonym: Tempranillo)
  6. Touriga Franca
  7. Touriga Nacional
  8. Malvasia Istria
  9. Refosk (synonyms: Terlano, Teran)
  10. Cabernet Sauvignon
  11. Merlot 10:40 AM EST
  12. Coda di Volpe
  13. Regent
  14. Negroamaro
  15. Primitivo (synonym: Zinfandel)
  16. Freisa
  17. Feteasca
  18. Babich
  19. Lasin
  20. Plavina
  21. Codega
  22. Rabigato
  23. Donzelinno
  24. Viosinho
  25. Arinto
  26. Falanghina
  27. Vermentino di Sardegna
  28. Trebbiano
  29. Grechetto
  30. Montepulciano
  31. Cannonau di Sardegna (synonyms: Grenache, Garnacha)
  32. Nero d’Avola
  33. Sagrantino
  34. Incrocio Manzoni
  35. Susumaniello
  36. Riesling
  37. Sauvignon Blanc 2:23 PM EST
  38. Grignolino
  39. Malbec
  40. Norton
  41. Syrah
  42. Verdelho
  43. Chenin Blanc
  44. Tinta Cao
  45. Tinta Amarella
  46. Petit Verdot
  47. Petite Sirah
  48. Gwass
  49. Resi
  50. Himbertscha
  51. Humagne Blanche
  52. Amigne de Vetroz
  53. Lafnetscha
  54. Petite Arvine
  55. Heida
  56. Eyholzer Roter
  57. Humagne Rouge
  58. Gamaret
  59. Cornalin
  60. Koshu
  61. Picpoul (syn: Folle Blanche)
  62. Prosecco
  63. Tocai Friulano
  64. Verdicchia Nera
  65. Moscato
  66. Nebbiolo
  67. Treixadura (syn: Trajadura)
  68. Godello
  69. Loureira (syn: Loureiro)
  70. St. Laurent
  71. Cinsault
  72. Viognier
  73. Negrette
  74. Gruener Veltliner
  75. Vidal Blanc
  76. Assyrtiko
  77. Garganega
  78. Rousanne
  79. Marsanne
  80. Pinotage
  81. Albarino
  82. Pinot Noir 7:56 PM EST
  83. Müller-Thurgau
  84. Feteasca Regala
  85. Dragon Eye (aka Longyan, a native Chinese varietal)
  86. White Feather (aka Baiyu, aka Rkatsiteli)
  87. Vignoles
  88. Muscat Canelli
  89. Chardonnay 9:22 PM EST
  90. Gamay
  91. Mourvedre
  92. Cabernet Franc
  93. Aglianico
  94. Pinot Meunier
  95. Carignane (syn: Carignan)
  96. Prieto Picudo
  97. Vilana
  98. Graciano DING DING DING DING!!!!!! Lori puts us over the top at 10:35 PM EST
  99. Mazuelo
  100. Arinto
  101. Moschofilero
  102. Harslevelu
  103. Kekfrankos (syn: Blaufrankisch)
  104. Corvina
  105. Covinone
  106. Tinta Negra Mole
  107. Bukettraube
  108. Semillon
  109. Muscadelle
  110. Grapello
  111. Marzemino
  112. Barbera
  113. Procanico
  114. Trincadeira
  115. Aragones
  116. Souzo
  117. Alicante Bouschet
  118. Pinot Gris
  119. Airen
  120. Palomino
  121. Pedro Ximenez
  122. Mavrodaphne
  123. Xynomavro,
  124. Agiorgitiko,
  125. Carmenere
  126. Tannat
  127. Pecorino
  128. Rondinella
  129. Molinara
  130. Marselan
  131. Auxerrois (the white one and not a synonym for Malbec)
  132. Gaglioppo
  133. Bosco
  134. Albarola
  135. Parellada
  136. Xarel-lo
  137. Lagrein
  138. Traminette
  139. Edelweiss
  140. Vespolina
  141. Dornfelder
  142. Neuberger
  143. Bastardo
  144. Mencia
  145. Zammarica
  146. Verdello Tinta
  147. Serodio Tinta
  148. Welschriesling
  149. Romorantin
  150. Obaideh
  151. St. Pepin
  152. Insolia
  153. Teroldego
  154. Torrontés
  155. Symphony
  156. Sangiovese
  157. Savagnin
  158. Poulsard
  159. Trousseau

Ygay Gran Reserva Blanco 1998

Deborah and I have kicked off the our 4th Birthday today in London with a 1998 Marques de Murrieta YGAY Rioja Gran Reserva Blanco, a traditionally styled white Rioja. A slightly sherryfied, golden-hued, nutty, complex and delicious wine. It also scored us 3 grape varieties: Viura (synonym: Macabeo) 90%, Malvasia (synonym: Malvasia Fina) 5%, Grenache Blanc 5%.

This evening we’re going to join Paula Sindberg at her giant Swiss wine tasting. We’ll be toasting the anniversary there with Heida (Païen), Cornalin, Resi, Lafnetscha, Gamaret, and Gwäss (obscure Swiss grape varieties!).

Members please mention the wines(s) you’ve tasted today in the comments below. Don’t forget to list the grape varieties in each wine – no matter how small a percentage – so we can update the running total above.

What do you think?


  1. 2006 Valley River Vineyards, Andrews NC – Chambourcin, not sure if there are any other varietals in it.

    Yes I know, who the heck is Valley River Vineyards. They are never going to be a world renown vineyard but you have to support your local vineyards when they make something decent!

    Happy Birthday. 83 to go to make Doppel! Looking forward to the challenge.

  2. Happy Birthday! I plan on opening a 2005 Barco Negro Douro to celebrate. Please add 3 more varietals to the list (Tinta Roriz 30%, Touriga Franca 30%, Touriga Nacional 40%) if these have not been previously submitted.

    Mark Lerner

  3. We hosted in Palo Alto, California a wine maker dinner with Tamara Glavina of Santomas in Koper, Slovenia. We tasted several of her wines, including the 2006 Malvasia Istria which I believe is different from the Malvasia Fina you had, Steve.

    We also opened several of her Refosk (AKA Terlano in Italy or Teran in Croatia). As Tamara explained, the Slovenian Refosk should not be confused with the Italian Refosco.

    The wines were a 2006 Big Red Refosk, a deep purple, big fruit wine fermented in stainless steel which has not seen any oak. Then the bigger brother, the 2004 Antonius Big Red Reserve, matured in new French barriques for almost two years. And finally, her 2003 Grande Cuvée which blends 80% Refosk with 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Merlot. (We wanted to make sure that there is a Merlot involved to help us over the 100 mark!) Cheers.

  4. Thanks, guys! We’re going at a good clip! I just hope those weren’t for breakfast!

  5. Happy Birthday — we didn’t realize that Karen and the WCC practically share a birthday (as hers is May 8th). We’re planning to raise a toast to you, Steve, and to the WCC later today when we’re celebrating* out in the country, and will report back if we’re able to add an interesting grape to the running tally!

    All the best from New York,
    Karen & Andrew

    (*Karen’s birthday, this week’s 2009 James Beard Book Award win for THE FLAVOR BIBLE, and now the WCC’s birthday, too!)

  6. Add Grotta del Sole – Coda di Volpe(aka caprettone) to the list. A tasty Campanian white!

  7. Thanks Karen and Andrew,
    You have a lot to celebrate! Congrats on the James Beard Award, happy birthday to Karen and thanks for all of your support! I hope you’ll report back (last year’s Rkatsiteli may be tough to top)!

    Thanks, Jon for the “tail of the wolf”!

    I’m off to the Swiss tasting now – back in 4 hours



  8. Steve, thanks much for creating this web site. I had about 80 varietals before Tad informed me about it. Now I am at 153, 155 after I try these next two wines. Doppel on the, have you reached 200 yet?

    I am on the west coast in Oregon, I am going to drink an Italian red, Freisa and Moldovan white, Feteasca. So tally up two more, granted, it is 10:00 A.M. here so I do plan on waiting a few hours.

  9. Steve, thank you very much for starting this club and exposing us to the many interesting varieties that existing all over the world. As a proud member of the Century Wine Club, and I think, the member that provided you with its 99th or 100th member, I will lift a few glasses of wine and toast the Club’s 4th Birthday. As such and in true Century Wine Club fashion, I will pull the cork on a 2005 Bibich Reserva, a red wine from North Daimantia, Croatia that is a blend of Babich, Lasin and Plavina.

  10. Steve, thank you very much for starting this club and exposing us to the many interesting varieties that exist all over the world. As a proud member of the Century Wine Club, and I think, the member that provided you with its 99th or 100th member, I will lift a few glasses of wine and toast the Club’s 4th Birthday. As such and in true Century Wine Club fashion, I will pull the cork on a 2005 Bibich Reserva, a red wine from North Daimantia, Croatia that is a blend of Babich, Lasin and Plavina.


  11. I am chilling an 05 Niepoort “Tiara” Douro Branco which contains: Codega, Rabigato, Donzelinno, Viosinno, Arinto, … and others … 5% of the 100 in a single bottle. There will be more that I will add later, but haven’t decided yet.

  12. Steve,

    I teach a wine class once a month at my store (Whole Foods Market Tenleytown) and, coincidentally, tonight is the next class: Italy, Part 1. So today I will be tasting: Falanghina; Vermentino di Sardegna; Trebbiano; Grechetto; Montepulciano; Primitivo (Zinfandel); Negroamaro; Cannonau di Sardegna (Garnacha); Nero d’Avola; and Sagrantino. Hope some of these are useful in putting you over the top.

  13. After reading the wines tasted above, I have to remove Tinta Roriz from my list, since I’ve had tempranillo too many times to count. Now I’m down to 178.

    Since it is lunch time, I had a small glass of a white blend from La Garda that has _Incrocio Manzoni_ into it.
    And just because it is sitting on the counter waiting for me to uncork it, I’m having Torre Testa, which I believe is 100% _Susumaniello_.

    The second century is quite the challenge.
    I have the local wine guy getting a _Marzemino_ for this Friday. Another grape hunting triumph … V-V-V!

  14. To be a completist, that white Lagarder 2007 includes _Riesling_, _Sauvignon Blanc_, as well as the Incrocio Manzoni.

    There is a 3/4 empty _Grignolino_ D’Asti on the counter that I can’t help but pour.
    I’m making it a small portion, since it is the middle of a work day.
    This pale red is a bit weak after that Susumaniello; Quite the contrast.

    Cheers to all,


  15. As a recently repatriated Virginian, I will open a bottle of Norton for this evening’s meal.

  16. Just had a glass of Cassegrain 2008 Verdelho from Australia’s
    Hunter Valley & Central Ranges. John Cassegrain was kind enough
    to brin git round himself.

  17. Worked up tasting notes for the following wines this morning:

    2008 Elizabeth Spencer Wines Mendocino Chenin blanc

    2006 Elizabeth Spencer Wines Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon

    2005 Forlorn Hope ‘Old Woodsbull’ Syrah

    2006 Forlorn Hope ‘Mil Amores’ (Touriga Nacional, Tinto Roriz, Tinta Cao, Tinta Amarella)

    2005 Forlorn Hope ‘Gascony Cadets’ Petit Verdot

    2005 Forlorn Hope ‘Les Deux Matieux’ Petite Sirah

  18. Tried a Japanese Vinifera varietal called Koshu from Grace Vineyards in Japan. The Varietal goes back to the 8th century and has been planted in the Toriibira vineyard since around 1923. Similar to sauv blanc in colour, a nose rife with limestone mineral notes and a slightly briney undertone. Fruit tones of baby green apple and crab apple. Palate wise, crisp and acidic with a slightly milky feel and mild honey lanolin flavours. Perfect match with sushi and other seafood dishes.

  19. Happy birthday!

    Today’s grapes, at a fantastic long lunch at Lupa: prosecco, malvasia, trebbiano, tocai friulano, grechetto, negroamaro, verdicchia nera (new to me), and moscato.

    Off shortly to taste a lot of nebbiolo.

  20. I am drinking a 2006 Coto De Gomariz Ribeiro which is made from Treixadura, Godello and Loureira varietals. I am also working on my second century, but anticipate much slower going. Glad to be a part of things!

  21. I just opened a 2007 Chocolate Block-Syrah 55%, Grenache Noir 20%, Cabernet Sauvignon 16%, Cinsault 5% and Viognier 4%. Getting ready to take a sip and let it breathe a bit…..

  22. I am having students over from Wines class here at Miami University in Oxford Ohio and we started with a Sparkling Gruener Veltliner and having Vidal Blanc, Assyrtiko, and a Soave ( Garganega) for starters. The complete list to follow!

  23. We met tonight for our very first chapter meeting and tasted Viognier, Rousanne, Marsanne, Godello and Nebbiolo (among others that were already reported). We are now challenged to attain Doppel status!

  24. I am drinking

    2007 Juno Rose of Pinotage from South Africa

    2007 Legado del Conde Albarino from Spain

    2006 Hahn Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir from CA

    2007 Ken Forrester “Petit” Chenin Blanc from South Africa

    Happy Birthday WIne Century Club!!
    Cheers, Chris in TX

  25. Love the WCC! Going for 200 now…
    Tonight enjoying a crisp and fragrant Müller-Thurgau from Rheinhessen, 07 Schloß Mühlenhof Trocken. Haven’t seen that varietal on the list yet!

  26. My wife and I opened “The Legend of Transylvania”, a 2005 Feteasca Regala (not the same as the Feteasca Alba above!). Was honestly a little afraid to open this bottle, but I can’t think of a better occasion than this to try! Had a Gruner Veltliner and a Tempranillo also, but it looks like those are already covered.

    We also had a Chinese (!!) wine, called Kuei Hua Chen Chiew. My Chinese in-laws are here, and my father-in-law loves the stuff. There’s some kind of grapes involved, plus osmanthus bloom extract and (I think) sugar. It’s… well, *technically* it’s wine… but I think this is how you wind up in a cheap motel outside of Poughkeepsie.

  27. My wife corrects me on Kuei Hua Chen Chiew, pointing out, “It’s very good for you.”

    Anyway, research shows it contains Muscat, “Dragon Eye” (aka Longyan, a native Chinese varietal), and “White Feather” (aka Baiyu, aka Rkatsiteli). So that’s two more for the list of the day.

  28. Whoops! We “replied” too quick & missed the “submit comment.” Maybe we’ve already had a little too much this evening! Here we go again:
    Claire is drinking a 2006 Vignoles from Boskydel Vineyard in Lake Leelanau, MI.
    Dale is drinking a 2005 red blend from Joe blow Wine Cellars in Manteca, CA, including: Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel & Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s been a rough week & it ain’t over yet!

  29. I think I raised a few glasses today…. So… please bear with me while boast about the 30+ wines I’ve tasted with Reps today… for our cause of course… (too many wineries to list)…

    Parducci wines had a couple of good ones…

    Sustainable White: Chenin Blanc, Sauv Blanc, Viognoer, Muscat Canelli, Fruiliano… rather nice!

    – Sustainable Red: Merlot, Cab Sauv, Syrah, Primitivo, Zinfandel, Petite Syrah, Viognier… again… rather nice!

    Other varietals I’ve tasted today, from various Wineries, include:

    – Soave (100% Garganega)
    – Sauv Blanc
    – Charonnay
    – Pinot Noir
    – Gamay – a Cru Beaujolais
    – Marsanne/Viognier
    – Roussanne/Viognier
    – Merlot
    – Mourvedre
    – Cabernet
    – Cab Franc (Rubicon)
    – Zinfandel (about 8 different ones – one included Alacante Bouschet, Petite Syrah & Carignane)

    – Syrah & Shiraz (if someone is being a purist)
    – Sangiovese
    – Aglianico
    – a handful of Champagnes… Pinot Meunier as one of the blends

    And… my favorite for the day… in a refreshing manner… Rose of Carignane (100%)… wow… it was great!

    I think that about covers it…

    Salante… Raj

  30. Dear Steve,

    My wife and I opened the “Chateau Pichon Longueville – Comtesse de Laland’2001″… Was honestly a little afraid to open this bottle, but I can’t think of a better occasion than this to try!
    Happy Birthday Wine Century Club!!!
    Cheers to all !!!
    Pedro Missioneiro dos Santos

  31. Dear Steve,

    My wife and I opened the “Chateau Pichon Longueville – Comtesse de Laland’2001″… Was honestly a little afraid to open this bottle, but I can’t think of a better occasion than this to try!
    Happy Birthday Wine Century Club!!!
    Cheers to all !!!
    Pedro Missioneiro dos Santos

  32. I opened a bottle of Castello d’Alba 2006 Douro Reserva white this evening. It consists of Viosinho, Codega do Larinho and Rabigato; all of which have been reported earlier this evening. In retrospect, I should have reviewed what had already been tasted and opened something else from my cellar so that I could contribute to the tally.

    I am pleased to see the new Doppel designation. I’m currently at 174 varieties with 5 more “on deck” in my cellar.

  33. Steve, Congratulations on the anniversary! I am proud and honored to be a member and sought out a new personal varietal for the occasion. I have shared with family the 2005 Pardevalles Gamonal, which is made from the Prieto Picudo grape. It’s a Spanish wine from Leon, from the Alfonso family vineyard with the oldest Prieto Picudo vineyard in the world. The grapes are apparently very small and dark on vines that only grow knee high. It was a deep garnet color with a rich, fruity nose. Briary black fruit, blackberry pie or maybe loganberry if I remember that berry right. Some black earth and a juicy acidity. Light tannins seemed to be mostly from the oak. Was well received and qualifies as a good QPR effort.

    It occurs to me that I polished off the last of my 2003 Salanques Priorat after midnight last night, so that would count too. It is a blend of Garnacha, Carignan, Merlot, Cab Sauvignon, and Syrah, though I imagine those will all be covered.

  34. Wishing the Wine Century Club a very happy 4th birthday! We raised a glass of a new-to-us variety to celebrate, the 2006 Kretikos Boutari White Wine of Crete (Grape variety: Vilana). Cheers!

  35. Happy Birthday! Today, my husband and I tried

    Campo Viejo Riserva Tempranillo 2003 (included Graciano and Mazuelo)

    Aveleda Fonte Vinho Verde DOC (Trajadura, Loureiro and Arinto)

    Boutari Moschofilero (Moschofilero)

    Bock Villanyi Harslevelu 2005 (Harslevelu)

    Bock Villanyi Rose (with kekfrankos aka blaufrankisch)

  36. Zeni Costalago Rosso Veronese 2007 IGT, Verona, Italy

    Blend of Corvina, Covinone, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Nice nose of black fruit and spices, peppered strawberries and raspberries on the palate. Nice wine!

  37. Well I checked on Leacock’s Rainwater Madeira. It’s Tinta Negra Mole, so I’m toasting the cause with that to add another notch to our anniversary belt. [Belt pun definitely intended.]

  38. To add to the varietals tasted we did a
    Bukettraube from S. Africa from Odelia or Seven Sisters
    an ’86 Rayne Vigneau Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Muscadelle
    2 Pinotage
    the Chiaretto Provenza which is
    Sam Giovese
    Tragugnano which is
    a Chinon Cabernet Franc\

    Vidal Blanc
    and others for our list.

  39. Well by my count, including the unique entries from Steve’s list and the blog entries and excluding duplicates and aliases, there are (at least) 112 varietals so far – well over the top.

    Happy Birthday and Cheers to the WCC! And now, where the heck can I find another 17 for Doppel…

  40. No time for a long note, but opened a 2006 Flor D’Amora (Portuguese red from Alentejano) tonight from Antonio J. Lopes Ribeiro Tondela, composed of Trincadeira (40%), Aragones (40%), Touriga Nacional (10%), and Alicante Bouschet (10%).

    I must be getting close to a hundred each for both black and white grape varieties, so I’ll let you know when I pass the two hundred mark. Cheers!

  41. Hey!! Posted two wines earlier. Put to more on please, Ugni Blanc and Cab Franc. Hope you made 100. Not new to me personally but should be good for the night.

  42. Please add *Cantina Tollo, Terre di Chieti 2008 from Abruzzo. It is 100% Pecorino (no longer just for sheep).
    Happy 4th WCC!!!

  43. Dear Steve,
    We also had a Cabernet Sauvignon blend and I don’t see it in the list! Congratulations.

  44. Fabulous! Congratulations Steve. Let’s see if I can’t add some oddballs to the list of some native grapes from Spain that we’ve tried…What about: Verdil, Pansa Blanca, Manto Negro, Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel.lo and Tannat.

  45. Albert Mann Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes. I love Alsacian whites, as they are excellent company with many foods. This is the only 100% Auxerrois which I have had, and after my first bottle several months ago I rushed back to buy as much as was available. Highly recommended. Go ahead Steve, add this varietal to your list!


  46. Congratulations and Happy 4th! My wife and I had 2004 Bisson “Marea” Cinque Terre DOC. The importer’s website says it was a blend of Bosco, Vermentino, and Albarola.

  47. We had a varietal called Edelweiss from Snus Hill Winery in Iowa. We purchased it while we were up there for a volleyball tournament for our daughter. It had a lot in common with a Germanic style Reisling made in an off-dry style. If any of you live in Iowa, or pass through there, check out a store in Ames called Iowa Wine Cellar. We racked up almost a dozen new varietals there.

  48. Steve,

    Had a lot of wine last night with some friends:

    07 Loosen Riesling QBA
    07 Ricard Le Petiot Sauvignon Blanc
    05 Petit Paris Bergerac (Merlot/Cabenet Sauvignon)
    07 Sperino Rose (Nebbiolo/Vespolina)
    05 Frick Pinot Blanc
    06 Grange Tiphane Montlouis (Chenin Blanc)
    06 Guillaume Pinot Noir
    04 Sperino Uvaggio (Nebbiolo/Vespolina/Croatina)
    02 Turley Old Vine Zinfandel

    It occurred to me after tasting all these wines that it really doesnt matter what the varietal is–wine is either good, or it’s not.

  49. Great job! However I must point out that #91, 92 and 122 were duplaicted from earlier in the list…and that Treixadura (#67) and Trajadura (#102) are synonymous…By my count that makes 137.

  50. Not too unusual – we had a Gruner (already listed @ #74). Congratulation on 4 years of expanding palates!
    Charter Member – Aiken SC “Wrath of Grapes”

  51. We celebrated with a bottle of the Schlumberger Sparkling Welschriesling.

  52. Our sommelier at the Gramercy Tavern in Manhattan recommended a Romorantin varietal from the Loire Valley. It came from a sub-appellation of Cheverny in the Tourrane region. Romorantin has vibrant acidity and the fruit/minerality is extraordinary.

    Mark and Diane Freeland
    Baltimore, Maryland

  53. On the 4th Glorious Day, I attended a Verset Cornas vertical with a bunch of NYC wine geeks. We did have a few other bottles to start and to close, so we got in a few grapes:
    chenin blanc

    I think the viognier might raise the count!

    We had Cornas wines from three makers (mostly Verset, of course) over nine vintages:
    2000 – Verset
    1999 – Verset
    1998 – Verset, Clape, Allemand “Reynard”
    1995 – Verset
    1994 – Verset, Clape
    1993 – Verset
    1991 – Verset
    1990 – Verset
    1988 – Verset

    We drank the wines from young to old.

    The 2000 is too young to drink yet; it smelled of earth but it also still had very primary blueberry aromas and was a tad sour.

    The ’99 drank well but the ’98 was better, showing that blend of red fruits, black olives, earth, and sticks that is so attractive in Cornas syrah. The Clape and Allemand ’98s were silkier, and less funky, but opinion was very divided.

    The ’95 was the first “wow” wine, with real complexity on the palate, some real maturity, well-integrated acidity, and a taming of the funk. Still, the wine was criticized by some as leaving their mouths puckered with tannin.

    The ’93 was better than the ’94, somewhat to our surprise, but both fared badly by coming onstage after the ’95.

    The ’91 would have been a great thing if it hadn’t been corked. (I couldn’t detect it but several others called it. A bottle of 1997 Verset, brought for the event, was very obviously corked.)

    The ’90 was a big disappointment to me. It was too roasted and swivel-hipped to be a great wine.

    The ’88, however, ended the vertical on a high note: This was another “wow” wine, a happy blend of secondary and tertiary scents.

    Happy Anniversary to Steve and all the Centurians!

  54. I’m a couple of days late but the Speedway kept me occupied here in Indy. Hopefully to add to your Anniversary total, I tasted 2 of the wines I help make at Chateau Thomas here in Indiana: 2007 Teroldego (Lodi) and 2007 Vidal Ice Wine (Ontario). We’re one of the few American wineries (5 that I’m aware of) that make Teroldego.

    Cheers and Happy Anniversary!

    Steve Somermeyer

  55. I had to paste the list into a spreadsheet, sort it, and read the interesting collection of grapes.
    I get 153, with the two duplicate entries.
    Unless you want to add in the Argentine white I had
    later in the evening, Legado – Torrontes.
    And a short pour of a dessert wine, made from Moscadello di Montalcino, (Muscat Blanc).

    cheers to all from Fairfax, Virginia.
    Well done!

  56. I’m also a little late, but it’s never too late for a rich and fruity wine. A local grocery store here in Virginia had real buffalo steaks on sale and I couldn’t resist having one in celebration with an Argentinean Malbec: 2007 Antis Malbec Reserve (92% Malbec, 8% Cabernet, 60-90 year old vines). What combination could be more “new world” (except, of course, wines from native “new world” grapes)? Paul, thanks for the suggestion, I too saved a copy of this list for new wines to explore. Thank you Steve for starting this club and elevating the importance of diversity in wine.

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