2nd Birthday Bash

March 28, 2007


The Wine Century Club celebrated its 2nd birthday on March 18th 2007 in New York City. The room was packed once again with some of the brightest minds, sharpest wits and most delicate palates in the wine world today. As could be imagined, the accompanying wines were outstanding. . .

Highlights included the 1990 Red Burgundies generously shared by Alan Goodman and the Joly 2004 Savennieres “Les Clos Sacres” from Michael Gitter’s cellar. Still, the most suprising wine of the day was the Chris Wilford’s 2005 Bentalda Bizkaiko Txakolina “Gorrondona, which truly fit the theme Unusual and Delicious.

The amazing Jeff Grossman brought his inimitable brand of contagious enthusiasm and charm all the while taking copious notes:

Michael Gitter
Ben Schmerler
Alan & Carolyn Goodman
Meredith Cleland & Chris Wilford
Tracy Kamens & Jared Skolnick
Jeff Grossman
Mark & Diane Friedland
Pedro Rosario
Jameson James
Bridget Amiri & Greg Nelson
Steve DeLong
Arthur Stein & Lauren Elliot

A wide variety of wines were brought, some classic and some funky:


1. Etxaniz Txakolina 2005 Txomin Etxaniz, Getariarko Txakolina – a
whiff of face-powder and bright acidity, round and full-flavored, very
drinkable …Good+

2. Amesguren 2006 Getariarko Txakolina “Amestoi” – sharper and a bit
less substantial than the previous, stony, a little of petillance,
reminds me of muscadet …Good

3. Louro do Bolo 2005 Valdeorras “Godello lias finas” – lacking in
acidity, flavor, or intensity …Fair

4. Channing Daughters 2005 White Table Wine “Sylvanus” – blend of
pinot grigio, pinot bianco, and muscat ottonel; citrus zest in the
nose, but thin body and just barely-adequate acidity, one guest says,
“Froot Loops!” …Fair

5. Dauvissat 2002 Chablis “Sechet” 1er – stones, lemon cream, good
(but not great) acidity, no noticeable oxidation, a bottle in a
friendly mood overall …Good+

6. Joly 2004 Savennieres “Les Clos Sacres” – full, citrus-y, waxy,
honeyed, a rich cup …Excellent

7. Jermann 2004 Bianco Venezia Giulia “Vintage Tunina” IGT – good body
with lots of yellow (and even some red) fruit, long finish, not
unjustifiably popular …Good+


8. Jean-Claude Marsanne 2004 Crozes-Hermitage – yup …Good

9. Frick 1999 Syrah (Dry Creek) – very heavy, generic ‘red wine’
flavored syrup, varietal characteristics are indistinguishable …Fair

10. Saxon Brown 2005 Syrah “Flora Ranch” (Chalk Hill) – warm spices
(e.g., cinnamon, clove), dirt and flowers, a pretty syrah …Good+

11. Drouhin 1990 Mazi-Chambertin GC – gorgeous, red fruit and velvet,
the components of the wine are all in balance, an example of why folks
buy Burgundy, have I said “gorgeous” yet? …Excellent, Excellent,

12. Dujac 1990 Charmes-Chambertin GC – cloudy, the Dujac perfume is
there (along with roasty fruit and substantial acids) but the wine is
unravelling, might need to drink up …Excellent

13. Vinedo de los Vientos 2002 Tannat IGT – The back label says, “With
the overwhelming scent of dry Autumn leaves and a hint of morning dew
covering newly sprouted Crimini mushrooms, near a bush of ripe
blueberry. With a pronounce overtone that inhibits the game like
nature of this varietal. Its pinenut finish enhances the warm
marmalade coating of the palate.” I’m told this was written by an
ambitious fellow named Ulysses who no longer works at the winery. I
have no reason to doubt his veracity but those flavors no longer work
at the winery, either. What’s in the bottle is, indeed, very black in
color but is kinda bland and flat. …Fair

14. Bentalda 2005 Bizkaiko Txakolina “Gorrondona – spicy, herbal nose,
lightweight and silky, like a good franc …Excellent

15. Ch. Musar 1998 Rouge – raspberry, currant, strawberry candy, a bit
of shoe polish (nail polish?), typical complicated Musar profile,
showing nicely …Good+

16. Vega Montan 2003 Bierzo – suave, nicely ripe, but it’s too woody
(“criado tres meses en barrica de roble Americano y Frances”) and the
finish is short, how to evaluate such a wine? …Good

17. Horton 2004 Norton (“The Tower Series”) – well-made but it tastes
like a million other red wines, where’s the typicity? …Good

18. Huber 2005 Zweigelt – fresh, cranberry and mulberry, works well at
the table …Good+

Thank you to everyone who braved the ice dams to make our 2nd birthday a great time.

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What do you think?

  1. Typo! That hondurrabi beltza-based wine should be “Gorrondona”, not “Gorronda”.

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