159 Varieties in a Night

May 13, 2009

The final count is in:  worldwide we tried 159 different grape varieties last Thursday.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our 4th Birthday International Tasting Extravaganza – it was a big success and could potentially be much bigger next year.


London, England
Paula Sindberg hosted an incredible tasting of 12 obscure Swiss varieties: Gwass, Resi, Himbertscha, Humagne Blanche, Amigne de Vetroz, Lafnetscha, Petite Arvine, Heida, Eyholzer Roter, Humagne Rouge, Gamaret and Cornalin! Ted Lekas was able to grace us with his presence all the way from Greece.


Miami, Ohio, USA

Charter Member John Keegan hosted a big party that netted 10% of the grapes on the list.


Kent Benson drinking with Max Riedel. No unusual varieties tasted but Kent convinced the Riedel company to make a dedicated glass for Susumaniello. (word just in: the Susumaniello part is a complete fabrication.)

Thanks again to everyone who participated. If you have a photo from that night that you would like to share, please send it to me at steve@winecentury.com.

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